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Would the Deutsch 602 connectors be acceptable?

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Hi, just a quick one if you have any input, Ive just been offered a small joblot of Deutsch 602 connectors but I'm unsure if these are really suited to automotive, there certainly not as pretty and are green in colour but look to be upto the job.

Couple of part numbers here

6027 22-41sn

6027 20-39sn

as6 20-35sb

the list goes on.

Im assuming this is the correct catalogue for these connectors?

cheers guys

Deutsch 602 are the good old mil spec connector in Olive drab.

That's what they where using in motorsport before the Deutsch AS

Thats good enough for me then, I had a feeling it was something to do with f1, after researching the sellers ebay name, finding his real name then his location i managed to find out he works for an F1 team, I guess he 'acquired' some stock over the years.

Thanks Ludo