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4g63 oil jet/squirter help please

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I need help. Im working on a 4g63 block can I cant seem to get the oil jet/squirter to line up correctly... im thinking I need to get new banjo bolts or maybe even new squirter but i just dont know i just wanted to see if anyone here had this problem before and how they fixed. any help is appreciated thanks

Hello what part isnt lining up ?

Regards Ross

the holes on the banjo bolts

@8th Can you post some pictures?

yes pictures wold be great thanks Tan

i have mark where it should line up to

im not sure if these photos are posting let me know if yall can see the picture

I haven't direct experience of these engines, but I assume what you are concerned about it the oil feed hole in the bolt isn't lining up with the squirter nozzle?

Would I be correct in assuming that the body of the squirter has a groove running around the inside? If so, that is to allow the oil to pass from the bolt around it to the squirter nozzle.

Ah, just checked some images of the OEM squirter* and that assumption is correct - there is nothing to worry about and you can just assemble them with new washers - unless the ones you have are in excellent condition.


"Tan" Gord is 100 percent correct the oil travels out the side of the bolt into a cavity where it then fills the cavity and feeds the nozzle

so they dont have to line up?

also when i took them off there wasnt any washers so should I install them with some?

I would have expected copper or aluminium washers to be fitted, like with most 'banjo' type fittings but, again, I'm not familiar with the engines and they may not actually use them - possibly there is some concern about them loosening somehow? Is there any information in the engine manual?

Georg, for one, has built a lot of these engines so if he, or one of the others, can advise you, I would go with what he/they say unless I had some sound advice to the contrary.

they dont have washers factory in most i have seen but the odd one does have a thin wavey washer that i have seen

as long as it is tightened to spec and the faces are flat and undamagd it will be fine with out

oh ok thank you all for the help i really appreciate it