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7mge piston to bore clearance

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building a 7mge. its a bit of a budget build for my daily. the stock pistons i have are all 82.95mm and the bores are slightly ovaled. on the trust direction I've got 83.06 at top on all 6 cylinders and 83.025 at middle/bottom give or take 0.01 across the 6 cylinders. on the axial direction its 83.03-83.04 across all 6 cylinders. manufactures recommended max clearance spec is 0.13mm.

i would like to have a play and see if i can make a reliable/efficient street/track engine out of this engine just after a bit of advice for what direction to go bottom end clearances are all with specs at the tighter end so I'm more then happy with what i have to work with there.

any advice will be appreciated


I would be running that without a second thought with those clearances