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About to start my freshly built engine, what to expect, what to do and what not to do?

Engine Building Fundamentals

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Hi, i did a full teardown and rebuild on my old 99 mustang gt, added some mild cams and ported heads, upped the compression a bit because engine block had to be decked 5mils.

Engine is pretty much stock otherwise, but i´m afraid of all of the old wives tales about what oil to run during break in period, should i drive it normally or baby it like everyone else does? oil change frequency?

Since it has aftermarket cams and increased air flow due to me porting the heads, should i re write the tune before starting it? it had a tune prior to this when the engine was completly stock, cams manufacturer says i can run these cams without a tune because they are not that agressive, but more airflow and higher compression will put me in a really lean spot i guess.


I'd cut some timing from the very start just to make sure everything is fine, also tune the fueling to be in check. if you got some more overlap you could read lean...

I really need a wideband lol

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