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I was wondering what you guys are running nowadays when building a honda turbo engine with some 2618 JE Pistons.

Its gonna be a B18C with a power goal of around 350hp. The min clearance stated by JE is 0.0025" or 0.063mm, thats also now built in the current pistons. But when turboed add 1 to 3 tho of clearance.. but 1 or 3 is a big difference.

I was thinking of 1tho extra what should measure 35tho total. Then i have to bore de cil to around 81.525 instead of the Standard 81.50.

Can some of you chime in? Thanks in advance

For a moderate street engine running on pump gas with JE pistons I'd suggest 0.0035-0.004" clearance. That will give you a safe clearance that isn't going to be noisy on a cold start.

Thankyou, ill go for 81,53 then