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Bearing Clearances

Engine Building Fundamentals

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In this video the Bore gauge was used and when the gauge was used in the Bore it displayed a reading between 2 incumbents.

Also the Bore Gauge was used to check the reading of the Micrometer. How can i understand this more clearly?

What will the clearance be according to this video footage?

Thank you

Kind Regards


very hard to see the exact clearance measured but it looks like .035 it was just an example but maybe easier to understand when watching the crankshaft measuring module

also in the crankshaft, main bearing clearance measuring Andre had already measured the crankshaft with a micrometer to find its size and then zeroed the bore gauge to the micrometer he then measured the fitted main bearing to find the difference in measurement between the two

check out this example in the measuring bearing clearances the clearance the bore gauge is showing is .02mm so this is the same sort of example as the bore and piston measuring

regards Ross

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