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Bore gauge brand

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What brand is that bore gauge with nylon tip

Hi Ray,

Andre uses a insize branded dti and bore gauge that has ceramic tips. Here's the link below.


I personally have never used any other bore gauges than ones with metal tips, but might look to replace my current ones out of interest. Now this does leave small measuring marks when measuring bores and also bearings; doing it this way and also to mention for setting up a bore gauge, the pressure the anvils apply can be adjusted simply by moving the dti gauge out from the bore gauge body. Make sure you can still get an adequate range for the bore you want to measure by doing as Andre shows by depressing the measuring pin as you don't want to bottom out so to speak of get inaccurate readings.

Also to help you set up the dti in a micrometer the use of a mic stand will stop a lot of frustration;


These stand are also extremely helpful when measuring components. If budget allows and if you are doing several of the same bore size the best method is to buy a setting ring like;


I hope this helps!

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