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Hi All

Below are 4 theoretical cam designs. I am looking for comment on these, as a comparison between them, and the effect on overall HP, Tq.

The intention is to get an idea, with relation to their IN Lift/Duration Vs EX Lift/Duration and also Lobe Centres, what effect these specs have on where in the rev range peak HP and Tq would present. Duration is @ 0.050 lift

Just a ball park - Eg. Mid Range/Upper Mid Range or High Rpm is cool

225/232 600/590 112

225/232 570/590 112

228/232 590/580 114

228/232 590/600 114.5

Any takers?

What is the application? What engine (how many cylinders, is it boosted, is it fuel injected or carbureted, what kind of intake and exhaust manifolds, etc) , what vehicle, what are you trying to do with it?

You really haven't provided enough information to give a truly useful answer. The cam selection needs to be considered in relation to the rest of the engine and what the intended use is. Valve lift for example needs to be considered in relation to port flow. Increasing duration in very rough terms will improve high rpm performance at the expense of low rpm. LSA will depend on where you want your power and what sort of idle quality you'll accept - A tight LSA will offer poor idle quality but generally offer better mid to high rpm power. If you try and use a tight LSA cam on a supercharged or turbo car though it's not going to work very well.

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