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Correct use of a torq wrench

Engine Building Fundamentals

Relevant Module: Tools of the Trade > How to Use a Torque Wrench

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As i learned to use a torque wrench we learned to nether "check" by clicking 2nd time. You did in your demonstartion. I think this was in the first place to let hear the audiance the typical sound ?


There are Situations where you are told to use a specicific torque for two bolts or screws which are located close together ( eg. to clamp an axle into a fork ). You will find that if you torqued the 2nd and check the first again it needs an additional torque to make the wrench click again...

Your thoughts ?


I think there's likely room for debate here, but I do one click per torque sequence, with the thought it will be more consistent, and more accurate to your target torque. It was likely shown for sound like you said.

I like your second question as that's something I think we've all experienced, tightening a fastener then tightening others, coming back to the first and finding it now loose. I come back to it and apply force sneaking up towards the target torque either by feel, or by watching the live torque meter if using a smart torque wrench i.e. SnapOn digital. Usually I find either it's rather loose, or it's still tight. If loose, I got to one click again, feeling whether it seems to be torquing up properly or not.

Thanks for your insight.

In Regards of your answer to my second question:

That`s also what I am expieriencing. If you torque the first bolt again after having torqued the second most of the time both of them are in my targeted area.

Did this in several test installations to have a valid experience. But it`s clearly against the Torque only once roule.

On the other hand you see it regularly done in the shops which do professional tyre exchange. In this case i do not talk about going through the whole sequenze twice but doing a double click each time they torque a bolt. I am aware that they are no valid ressource in regards of doing it wright or wrong.

Another point came up in my mind: I was thought not to use a torque wrench to loosen something. This is not mentioned in the video. Unfortunally nobody told me why this should`nt be done. At least if my settings are higher then the needed torque i should be fine ? If not so i would ask myself why it`s even possible to change the direction the torque wrench works

There are reversible torque wrenches to handle left hand threaded nuts and bolts. For example, the race car that I used to have had handed center lock wheel nuts for the left and right hand wheels, this is so that the braking torque applied to the wheels drives the nuts tighter on brake application on both sides. I had a reversible torque wrench so that i could use it on both side of the car.

Some torque wrenches use a double ended 12"square drive than can be used with the drive on eother side, so used to torque in either direction by flipping the wrench over.

The big thing about not using them 'backwards' is that they're not designed for it and, in theory, they may be over-loaded and spightly deform, which will affect their accuracy?

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