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I've rebuilt a Honda B16A recently, to find that the cause for excessive oil consumption during the first 50 miles was that the cylinder walls were glazed. I had some cooling issues that needed solving and the car was run at idle a considerable time. I did try to save it during 40 miles or so by applying load and decelerating in gear at various RPMs and a couple of WOT runs, without success. I've used mineral 10w30 oil during break in. Unfortunately, I can't get good quality rings again unless I wait for a month for them to arrive from overseas. My question is: Is just a cleanup hone job sufficient to solve this issue and let the rings seat, or I would definitely need new rings as those may be already worn incorrectly to the point of not sealing again? The rings are made by Hastings and are the standard steel type. The cylinder walls are steel, and call for a 400 grit stone and a 40 deg cross hatch pattern per service manual.

Hello normal best practice would say replace the rings and hone the bore,

but in practice i have rehoned the bore and if there is still a good feel of piston tension you should be fine inspect the rings for wear and i havent told you this haha honestly i have done it maybe 50 times always with good results the hastings rings normally should feel sharpe on the outer edges

Regards Ross