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Hey everyone, building an Rb26 single turbo, i have no questions about the building process but more or less the tune on the ecu. I was considering going with a Link G4+ but what i want to know is with the first start of the fresh engine should there at least be a break in tune where it runs not too rich or too lean or does it not really matter.

Thanks in advance

If the loom(and fuel injectors,camshafts etc) is the OEM I would suggest starting the engine with the factory ECU

You will definitely have a startup.On the other hand fitting an aftermarket ECU might take some time after non start up conditions dew to setting base timing and other stuff.

Hey Michael, fitting a fresh ECU with no start map to a fresh built engine does add a little complexity to the initial startup, however for a competent tuner it really doesn't take long at all to get the tune dialled in to a point that the engine can be run in. I would recommend doing this where possible on a dyno as you have a lot more control over the engine operation. If the engine is fundamentally close to stock and you have factory injectors then the stock ECU is a viable option for the break in. In my own experience though in the performance aftermarket world it's more likely that the engine will be modified to a point where running it on the factory ECU can be hard or impossible.

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