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Hello, I have a few cuestions about engine break in.

First I run with the throttle at 50% for 15 minutes approximately, after I run with the throttle at 75%... how long?

It the same a N/A engine that a turbo engine for engine break in?

Thank you very much!

Have you watched the engine break in module? This covers basically everything you need to know. In short though I wouldn't recommend a fixed throttle opening. You want to vary the throttle opening as well as the rpm to give the rings the best chance of bedding in. I normally spend about an hour on the dyno performing the break in process.

Hi Andre! Yes, I has watch it. I refer to break in at open road. You say first run on alternative loads about 15 minutes approximately at throttle 50%, then the same at throttle 75%, but you don't say how long. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I love this course, I am learn very much!

I'd spend about another 45 minutes if you're on the open road. It's not going to hurt to spend a little longer either.