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Engine Break in temp

Engine Building Fundamentals

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After watching this module, I was curious on what temperature everyone starts doing loaded throttle application.

From what I have gathered from the video, it is recommended as:

1/3 of redline loaded with 50% throttle for 5-10 seconds, off throttle 20-30 seconds. 15 minutes long. As long as nothing bad happens, then step up to 75% throttle at same engine speed. for the next 15 minutes or so.

So, I am building a Gen 2 SBC LT1 for a stock class Time Trials competition. Redline for my engine is 5700-5800 rpm. That puts me around 1900 for my target rpm according to the process explained.

I know the process is to not idle for to long, but my prior automotive knowledge in school is to not do much until temperature is in the engine. With that in mind, should I wait to do the loaded break-in pulls on a dyno at an operating temperature of 160F degrees or so, or should I start earlier in the process of around 100F degrees? Or should I wait until the car is up to the 215F degrees of operating temperature?

Thanks very much

I would run a fast idle (say 1200-1500 RPM), but no real load until the temp was at least 140 - 150 degF, then start loading it. I would keep it to the 50% throttle until the water temp was 190 before moving to 75%.

On an engine dyno, you can heat the water (and oil) up to operating temp before even starting the engine for the first time. That means you can immediately go to break-in.

Thanks for the info