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Whats your thoughts using a Flexi Hone yourself for the final finish?

hello Des,

It depends on what you're working with and what you need to achieve.

I've always used and though of a flexi hone as more of a tool to deglaze bores that measure up within spec or as a precaution when fitting new rings.

If there's any ovality, distortion or concentricity issues then it'll need machine honing on a vertical or horizontal, Rottler or Sunnen type machine but your engine machinist should know what to do.

Saying that I have used a 3 stone hone followed by a flex hone on classic aircooled single bikes in the past where tolerances aren't as vital and we needed digging out of a hole but i wouldn't recommend it:-)

Thanks, busy with a TC Lancia and Guy Croft swears by them. He did my head.


As Scott said.