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Hot cylinder honing

Engine Building Fundamentals

Relevant Module: Engine Machining Basics > Boring/Honing & Torque Plate Honing

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What considerations need to be taken in account when Hot honing, regarding piston installation dimensions when cold ?

I see that not all piston manufacturers give you a Hot honing dimensions chart, only cold honing, I can imagine that if you hone with the engine block hot it will be a little smaller dimension when you measured cold.

The other thing as well, I guess that you need to wait for the bore gauge to get hot as well so your dimensions are accurate, for example as you put a cold rod into a hot bore, that fits snug, this rod it will start to grow ( expand ) as it gets hot to a point that you will not be able to removed from the bore.

or am I looking at things over accurately and that will not be detrimental to the final outcome of an accurate dimension ?

Good question, especially as different block material and designs will have different expansion ratios, and siamesed cylinders will possibly change differently compared to 'stand alone' cylinders.

Simplest thing may be to measure the bores 'cold', with the torque plate*, etc, in place - top and bottom, in-line and across the bores, then do the same thing with the hot water being pumped through the block. The difference, if any, should tell you what allowance to make for the expansion of your particular engine block.

*that, alone, can affect the nominal clearances seen, especially if the fasteners are close to the cylinder bores.

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