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Hot honing

Engine Building Fundamentals

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Is there often specifications of the clearance for both hot and cold honing in workshop manuals and from piston manufacturer?

I can not remember i have seen this in workshop manuals. Or is it only for high performance purpose?

That is a very good question - I assume you're referring to the cylinder expansion, that would result from the heat, changing the bore dimensions and hence the diameter it would need to be honed to, compared to cold?

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While small, there will be a difference and you can approach it by taking the bore diameter(s) at several points when it's cold, and checking the change when hot, and factoring that in to the finished hot dimension that corrolates to the cold. Alternatively, you could work it out from the co-efficient of expansion. The former would be better if the cylinders were siamesed or otherwise restrained, as the expansion may not be uniform.

Any actual machists, who do this, got a comment on their experience?

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