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Lack of fundamentals

Engine Building Fundamentals

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I'm kind of into automotive for maybe 3 years already. I still have a lack of understanding of even engine basics. When you start to operate with terms my mind got exploded in the engine block section. At 09:51 I've completely lost. And that's because my knowledge of terms you're operating with is a bit vague. I'd be really happy to see some schematics of what's called what and what those components even look like. This is especially an issue for those who's a primary language other than English. I really would advise adding some schematics. The animation of BDC/TDC was nice. Although I still have a lack understanding of how exactly combustion works. In my opinion, there's a huge gap in the world of tutorials, whatever I've watched previously I've always had to google a lot of terms and processes because they've been never explained properly in any course.

If you speak russian you can ask me all your questions in WhatsApp or on the Drive2 web site- I will be happy to share my knowledge and experience.

It's a very long time since I was learning the basics, but I would suggest you look for some books aimed at the younger reader on subjects like "How a Car Works". You may find your local library has some books that will be good primers for you.

Something like this...


or maybe this...


BTW, your english is excellent!

I would also recommend to look up "Engineering Explained" on YouTube. He has some very good videos ranging from the absolute basics to very in depth discussions about new technologies.

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