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So, I must be doing something wrong with my math. I am trying to select my bearing for a VQ37 engine build and cant seem to get the clearance mat to add up.

This is my problem.

Main #1 crank shaft Journal = 2.5577 (Grade K by Nissan standard)

Main #1 Block Bearing Housing = 2.7557 (Grade C by Nissan standard)

Clearance without bearing = 2.7557-2.5577 = 0.198

Nissan Grade 0 Bearing thickness = 0.984

Bearing clearance of Main #1 = (0.0984 x 2) - 0.1980 = 0.0012

That is the smallest bearing size. Am I doing this math correctly?

BTW before you say it is a measurement issue... If I go straight off of Nissan's manual and use the measurement on there chart with the bearing size it calls for, I end up the same.

This is my sheet for the clearances

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