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Making a torque plate

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Hey guys,

so I live in an area where we only have two machine shops. I’m sending my head down south and the crank to be balanced. But I’m going to get the block done here. As I want to dummy assemble it and then get it decked to the right height. I’m going to get a torque plate made with the following specs for a SR20DET.

1” steel surfaced flat. 90.25mm holes and 12.2mm bolts holes.

Now my block will only be bored to 87mm but I thought I would make the torque plate the larger size for further use on the race engine. In case we have to bore it out again in on the future.

Can anyone see any dramas with this? The holes being lager and it being made from 1” steel?

Uneven distribution of force. the edge of the cylinder walls wont have equal compression negating the purpose of the torque plate..1 or .2 mm large then your goal bore would be your best bet to ensure the same pressure as when the head is installed so that same for the head when their doing the valve other wise they may not seal properly when valves are in under the increased torque of studs. allowing a mild leak in compression.

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