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Im using a Magnus 9.7 GPM MF Mechanical Fuel Pump and i do have a radium Fuel Cell. Do i still need a Surge Tank with a fuel pump on this set up?

Depends on how good the pickup is in the cell. Do you have fuel pressure problems at low fuel levels?

What are you using for? If it's, say, oval racing with the vehicle turning only one way, you may get by with just having the pick-up in the outer rear corner, but if it's a track car, pulling high "G" on turns, braking, etc, there's a good chance the pick-up will be exposed froquently when there's still quite a lot of fuel in the tank which would mean some sort of sump, or other device, would be required.

Maybe the Holley hydramat - https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/hydramat/ - would be a viable alternative? I haven't used one, but there seems to be some favourable comments made on it.

We ran mechanical pumps with no surge tank on our carb'ed race cars, but the carb float bowl acted as a (very) small surge tank.

My preferred racing fuel injection setup is to use a lift pump to a small (but tall) makeup tank. The mechanical pump could pick up from there and then would run as long as any fuel was being picked up by the lift pump.

THANK YOU!! for the help guys i think ill be using this Holley hydramat for my mechanical fuel pump and Radium Fuel Cell set up

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