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Mitsubishi 4g93 Solid Lifter

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Hi, im in the process of learning how to squeeze more horsepower out of a naturally aspirated small engine. I have achieved 220whp with the 4g93. The powerband seems flat from 5500rpm up to about 8500rpm. And i was wondering if a solid lifter could change it up. (Sorry the dyno graph was not printed and i didnt take photo of it). The engine was originally produce with a hydraulic lifter. Now i was wondering how do i set the lash or clearance for a solid lifter? Do i set it to zero lash or do i need some clearance as a normal car do? The engine is fitted with tomei 308 degree camshaft with 11.1mm lift. Dialed to tomei specification. (Cam was originally designed for hydraulic lash not for solid lifter. But i wouldnt mind trying)

First of all it's important to understand that the way a camshaft is ground is fundamentally different between hydraulic and solid lifter applications so it

s not advisable to switch to a solid lifter without a suitable cam grind. That being said, the Mitsubishi lifters are actually pretty reliable even at high rpm and shouldn't be causing you any issues - If the lifter pumps up then you'll know about it because the valves get held open and your power will fall over sharply.

Solid lifters do require some clearance (lash) which will vary depending on your application but it's common to have somewhere in the range of 0.008-0.010" lash for an example.

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