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Re-using a headgasket

Engine Building Fundamentals

Relevant Module: Engine Machining Basics > Boring/Honing & Torque Plate Honing

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If i were to supply a machine shop with the exact head gasket i intend to use in the build so that they can accurately bore/hone the block, can that head gasket typically then be re-used when assembling the engine?

It depends - some gaskets are designed to be re-usable, with care, others aren't.

It also depends on whether it is just a head gasket used for sealing, or if wire in grooves, etc, are used to improve the seal that will mark the gasket sealing face.

What might be more of a concern is the fasteners - if they're TTY (Torque To Yield) bolts, with a angle tightening procedure, they WILL need to be replaced. If they're studs, or are just torqued, the shouldn't need replacement, as long as they haven't been over-torqued.

My 50 cents - I've learned that indeed it depends on a brand and type a lot. For instance when I found very good quality MLS gasket i could reuse it 3 times on my 4 cylinders engine regularly seeing 2.7 bar of boost. With other brands I wouldn't even try it...

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