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how do I figure out what ring gap I need for my build?

is there a formula to use?

Hello Tan

ring gap is recommended by the ring manufacturer normally to suit the type of material used, this takes the guess work out of how much the ring will expand and contract during a heat cycle

Regards Ross

ah ok cool and how do I know how much bearing clearance I need?

It will also vary with the use of the engine - for example, a stock engine will need a lot less gap than one that is going to be running under high temperatures and ring loads, such as high nitrous levels, niromethanol fuels of forced induction.

I can't recall the specific recommendations, but there are many piston and ring suppliers who have their recommendations on-line.

Where given, use them and if in doubt run a thou', or two, more - if you have the clearance slightly too wide you may lose a tiny fraction of a percent of torque/power, but a couple of thou' too small could cost you the engine!

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hmm ok thanks

Watch this - - or go straight to 11:33.

I wonder why didn't I see that in the video I guess I wasn't playing attention enough thanks