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my new rods where stolen from machine shop, the engine had been balanced.

can i get new rods balanced as an individual component ?

I would expect the machine shop they were stolen from (inside job?) to replace and balance the assembly, but a sense of responsability seems to be in short supply nowadays.

If you know what the individual balances of the rods were, and you can match those, balancing 'should' not be required - but it may be easier, and cheaper, to have the assembly redone... by a different shop, if they won't do it as part of a 'make good' on your loss that they were responsible for.

They aparrently had a break in, an as you guessed it they can’t be held responsible

Nope, they're still responsible and should be carrying insurance for such events.

I'd suggest checking with legal advice, you should be able to get a legal opinion for 10-20 pounds from a Citizens Advice Bureau or lawyer.

I agree 100 percent - if I take someone else's belonging to my possession for whatever reason I'm fully responsible for that and it is totally up to me to take any measures required to ensure its safety. You took the thing you give it back no matter what - if you are not happy with that just do not take it then. Plain and simple.