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SR20DET engine building pecularities

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I have seen one of Andre's replies on another thread in this forum stating "Both the RB26 and SR20 have their own peculiarities that need to be considered during the building process"

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I have bought an SR20DET for an EFI project and was wondering about these peculiarities. The engine will be build with forged internals. Anyone including Andre himself has any input?



The peculiarities will depend on exactly what you are expecting from the engine. For a stock or very mild build you don't necessarily need to vary from the factory specifications. At higher power levels there are some other considerations though. For example if you're expecting to run high boost and in excess of about 450 kW atw then sleeving the block becomes a worthwhile idea to prevent the bores distorting or cracking. This can also aid head gasket sealing. The biggest weakness with the SR20 is the valve train. In particular they don't work well at high rpm due to the cumbersome rocker design. Uprated valve springs and rocker stoppers are a sensible investment to achieve reasonable reliability. The superior but more expensive option is to fit the VVL head which also happens to offer far superior flow.