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Tightening the fasteners for measurements

Engine Building Fundamentals

Relevant Module: Clearances and Tolerances > How to Use Plastigauge

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So if fasteners used are torque and angle type, do we just tighten them to torque or tighten to torque and angle and then use another set for actual engine assembly?

What are you measuring?

In some instances just torquing may be fine - I'd probably re-use the OEM bolts - but in others you may need to fully load the fasteners.

I'm pleased to see you're aware that TTY, or angle tightened, bolts shouldn't be re-used, even if it was only for checking.

Great question. I’m subscribing as I’m curious what others have to say.

Some Factory Service Manual will give you a spec that you can measure if you want to reuse bolts. Here's an example which comes from the Nissan SR20DET FSM.

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