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Torrington thrust clearance

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Should you have a clearance when running a Torrington bearing for high thrust loads?, if so what would you consider acceptable.

What is the application - camshaft thrust bearing on pushrod V8?

I'm more familiar with their use in heavy transport and industrial machinery, where they are always load bearing, but I would expect there to be minimal clearance - a few thou' to allow for thermal expansion and a little more.

Do you have any spec's from the supplier/manufacturer?

V8 dart ls next with Callie’s ultra billet crank, it will be twin turbo drag engine that will see a lot of trans break that puts heaps of thrust load into the bearings and crank. This is my first build with a Torrington bearing so just suss out clearances before assembly.

Where is the bearing being used, it's rather unclear from that? Do you have the assembly guide/manual for the installation?

A spot is machined behind the first main bearing Journal, it’s a common mod for high powered turbo drag engines.

Ah, thank you, always learning :-)

Is the rearward movement limited by a similar bearing between the front pulley and 1st main or is still controlled by the 'normal' thrust bearing?

Can't find much about this, except this - - might be worth giving them a call?