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I am planning on a installing a more aggressive cam than stock in an LS1. How would the break in work on standard tune (would the engine even start)before getting the car to a dyno?

All LS camshafts are roller types - they don't require the traditional 'break in' that flat tappet engines do, or those engines with direct acting followers or fingers where there is a sliding action.

Thanks Gord. Any known problem with starting the engine with the new cam eg on current tune for standard cam. would need to move to get onto a trailer to get to the dyno.


I would expect it to be OK, double check all electical connects have been reconnected, all lines and hoses have been replaced correctly - good time to check their condition while you're at it - do the usual of cranking over to check oil pressure. coolant levels, check other fluid levels - including plenty of fresh fuel of the type you'll be using, if you run out you'll annoy the operator and still have to pay for the car sitting doing nothing or even have to take it off if another vehicle is booked. Charge the battery, check and correctly inflate the tyres, check the wheel bolts have been torqued, check auxiliary belt condition. Check gearbox and diff' levels, general leaks, etc.

Basically give the car a good check over as dyno' tests can put a lot of stress on the vehicle. Some times silly things can catch you out, like old fouled sparkplugs, HT leads contacting the hot exhaust and/or breaking down, dirty fuel filters, fluid leaks you 'thought' you had cured, something you would never have thought of (that's got me a couple of times).

Oh, if you've made other changes, like fuelling components, make a note of them and their new spec' as the operator may want to know.