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With Dry sump can i use hydraulic tappet?should i delete pcv

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I plan to set up my m120 v12 engine dry sump , should I delete the pcv valf ? And i can run hydraulic tappet with it?

Engine will highly boosted and stay 10.1 compression ratio.

"Highly boosted" with 10:1, I expect you're asking for a large band followed by a tinkeling noise - what fuel and other upgrades will you be doing?

If you're looking at using OEM hdraulics, they just need a supply of clean oil, dry sump won't matter - if you're going to be using an aftermarket/custom camshaft with high follower loads, significantly more rpm, or even just heavier springs to counter the maniflolds' pressure you may as well use mechanical for reliability.

With a dry sump, you MUST have some means of introducing air into the crankcase for the scavenge pumps to work and prevent excessive vacuum levels. The best way is to use a filtered supply through a regulator that will hold a moderate vacuum level in the crankcase. Failing that, a good supply of filtered air will do.

With a PCV valve, it is to draw air through the engine and burn off any hydro-carbons in the engine cylinders. I would not expect it to be needed, but could, I guess, be connected between the intake manifold(s) and oil reservoir, in conjunction with a filtered vent from the tank itself.

It's late here, so hopefully I have been reasonably clear and accurate.

:)))) i wish im never hear any tinkeling noise i ordered italian rp platinium series piston and road they build billet custom piston and 2600+mpa rods for me.Also i car have custom intake manifold exhaust manifold and cog belt procharger and many more things . i will use 98 octan pump gas with meth ,thank you for nice infos.