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So my new harness is up and running with a working flex fuel sensor and I'm ready to play with E85 (I think). Should I just throw a new fuel filter in and add a few gallons of E85 next time I pass the station, or is there anything else I need to be concerned with? Not expecting big gains, but the engine has always been knock limited on California 91. Just hoping to to get to MBT and have a slightly safer option when I take the car on a canyon run, etc.

Car is a 2000 Civic, B20Z engine with high compression RS Machine pistons and Crower 403 cams. Fuel system is 370cc EV14s and a Deatschworks DW200 fuel pump. Tuning with Hondata s300. Nothing crazy.

to be fair you may had already found this but the tune for e85 will be so far out from your regular gas tune. the total map needs to be tuned to suit the e85

it is certainly not a small job

Regards Ross