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E85 with out flex sensor.

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Hello would it be safe to run E85 race fuel on my drag race only VW golf MK2 R32 turbo with out a fuel flex sensor.

The reason I ask this is you can't get pump E85 here in the UK but I can get race fuel e85 and I believe this race fuel e85 is consistent .

Another reason is I want to use my table switch function on my ECU to add fuel on my dry nitrous set up.

Thank you for any feed back .

Yes you can run E85 race fuel without a flex fuel sensor. It's safer to do this if you're using a commercially manufactured E85 race fuel as the ethanol content is controlled much more accurately than pump E85. The biggest concern if you're not using a flex fuel sensor is when you're running pump ethanol as this will often vary considerably.

thank you. i thought this was the case. thank you for the help.