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Ethanol and aluminium parts corrosion issue

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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Hi guys.

Has anybody ever experienced issues with aluminium parts getting corroded by ethanol fuel? I have been mixing ethanol with VP import fuel 66 to 34 percent by volume and after 2 seasons in drag racing I've got aluminium fuel tank, aluminium fuel filter housing corroded causing a set of ID1700 fuel injectors getting huge amount of some stuff building up inside so I had to throw them away. However the aluminium fuel pump station and aluminium fuel rail were not affected at all as they are anodized. I replaced fuel tank with stainless steel, fuel filter housing with anodized one and bought mechanical fuel pump that is also made from anodized aluminium but I was told that it is just a temporary solution as ethanol will be still eating the aluminium but a bit slower since it's anodized. Does anyone know if that's going to be the case?

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