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Ethanol type and storage

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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Hi, here in Chile we do not have ethanol pump, so we have to buy it in 200L containers and do the manual mix, since VP and other brands are too expensive.

We can get two types of induatrial ethanol:

Denatured (96% ethanol)

Anhydrous ethanol (99.9% ethanol)

With could be the best choice for blend from E30 to E85?

Also, we are running some cars with E85 and others with E30. All of them with ethanol content sensors. The ones with E30 are race cars that runs arround 5 days a month (E30 is because regulations). Those this cars needs to be drained too for storage? Or could be enought if we fill them up with pump gas after a race (probably we will get less than 10% of ethanol after that) just for storage purposes.


I have been using 96 percent ethanol all the time mixing it with race fuel.

Ater each race event i would use regular pump gas to flush fuel system through...

96% denatured alcohol has impurities added to make it unpleasant and toxic for consumption, anhydrous means without water which ethanol can contaminate itself with by drawing out of the atmosphere.

Either should be fine if you stick to it, I'd probably go for whichever is cheaper.

Most modern-ish vehicles will work with up to E85, but if in doubt Shota's advice to flush it out is sound - you can always build it to be 100% alcohol friendly as you replace items in the future.

You need to get hold of the MSDS for the denatured alcohol to see what the denaturation agents are, these may not be compatible with combustion. If they are compatible, then I would use this unless the rules are different regarding the sale of Anhydrous Alcohol in Chile. Here you need special permits to purchase it.

Thanks guys, yes, we can buy anhydrous alcohol with out an issue here. It cost arround 500 USD the 200Lt drum, and it is 99.9% anhidrous alcohol from molasses.

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