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Hondata Flashpro Ethanol Tuning K20

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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I am new to tuning engines and I am about to do my first ethanol conversion, I will be doing it to my own Civic Si with a K20 using Hondatas Flashpro. Since it is my first ethanol conversion I imagine propably some dumb mistakes will be made. So I wanted to know if anyone has any tips or methods to make this job easier and safer. Or any experience doing this kind of job on Hondatas.

hello just turn the same way as petrol if it is not turbo the ignition map will be ok as it is for a start just work on the fuel maps a good start is to add 30 percent to all the main fuel maps and then trim from there

Regards Ross

Thanks, Ross should i add using the overall fuel trim function or actually add 30% more fuel on the fuel maps?

Yesterday I tried using the overall fuel trim but it didn't seem to change anything, the AFR shown was practically identical to before. (only tested while Idling)

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