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how to connect innovate ethanol sensor to hondata kpro v4

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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i have a kswaped civic with hondata kpro v4i installed the innovate ecf-1 flex fuel + afr + fuel pressure sensor all in one, and i am having problem with which wire to connect to the hondata digital ethanol input wire (i tried the brown wire, one time it worked but false reading the second time it stoped working)

catalogue here : https://www.innovatemotorsports.com/wp/content/uploads/2022/05/ECF1_Manual.pdf

i read that it outputs analogue not digital signal !!!!!! please help me i am confused

I think the Hondata digital intput is probably expecting the traditional Continental-style (GM) Ethanol sensor. Something like this:


so do you think that innovate will not work ??

i did what the catalogue said, i taped the brown wire to the hondata v4 ethanol digital input, and it did not read it.then i re-wired it and it worked but the innovate gauge was reading 41% ethanol content while in the kpro was reading 79% content. i don't know why !!!

next day it is not reading again ???

so i went back and read the catalogue of innovate and found out that the output is going out from the brown wire of the gauge is a 0-5 volt analoge ouput

while in the v4 they say connect the ethanol sensor output to kpro digital input ethanol ...

please advise me ... hoe to wire it properly

I suspect you want to take the Flex Fuel sensor signal (ie the sensor output, not the gauge output), and connect that to your Hondata Digital Input (and the Gauge if you want to see the value). The Innovate only sends an analog signal out that another system might be able to use to log the Ethanol%,

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