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M1 Flex Fuel: Adjusting Charge Cooling Gain VS Fuel Flow Correction

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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I was reading the Motec PDF on flex fuel tuning the M1. After the VE tuning is complete with the primary fuel (93oct) and I fill the car with E85 Im thinking I need to go straight to the Charge Cooling Gain tables and get those adjusted. Then the Flow Correction will be used for minor trimming?


The way I interpret it (page 7) is that the flow correction should in theory not need to be touched unless you are using a weird fuel blend (not E85, like some methanol mix or something). Maybe Andre can chime in on this: is the flow correction an overall trim to the fuel flow calculation and the charge cooling gain tables a trim to the air flow calculation? Obviously the air flow calculation affects the final fuel flow calculation, but the fuel flow correction is mean to account for the chemical properties of the fuel and the injector, rather than the cooling effect of the fuel.

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