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methanol instead of ethanol

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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I don't have access to ethanol where I live, but methanol yes. Can I use it instead?

What are you intending to use it for? Methanol has a lot of benefits for producing maximum power, but has a LOT of disadvantages, too, like being very corrosive if there's any water content and it reacts with many plastics and rubbers - this means you may need to replace much of the fuel systen, from fuel tank to injectors if you're really unlucky. It also requires very 'rich' mixtures and so has horrible fuel economy.

I think he's meaning blending methanol down with fuel instead of using it neat.

Similar to this:



You can use low percentage blends, it seems to greatly reduce knock threshold. HOWEVER the downsides are, if you run more than 30% blend you will struggle to make power and you will max out your fueling system... Ethanol requires approx. 40% more fuel delivery, Methanol requires like 70% or more.

I see what you're saying, but ethanol or anything ethanol related is something like £70 -80 for 20 litres

Methanol is half the price. Still a rip off but half of a rip off at least so it's worth a punt seeing what you can get out a tune with 30% in the tank.

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