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Mixing Blends from E85

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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can I use a physical fuel tester (the glass where you put water and fuel to see alcohol content) to test pump fuel und make different blends? Anyone experience with this procedure?

Hello yes you can do this i have spent hours doing this over the years

It's a good idea to test ALL the fuel used, then you can correct it to the "standard" fuel you tuned the engine for. ie, if your pump fuel is a nominal E50, your local goverment may allow a range from E60 to E30. You can add ethanol from a 60 or 209 litre drum you bought from a commercial supplier to bring it up, or petrol/gasoline to bring it down. With "flex fuel" via the ECU this isn't as important, but if you don't have that option it will give a more consistent fuel mix.

Thank you guys

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