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Not 100% clean ethanol

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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I got some ethanol for mixing which is 96% pure. 100% purity is really hard to get. There is a way to get but its double price (importing). I found this 96% ethanol from some local race drivers, and they are driving this ethanol in 85% mix with 100 octane petrol for some time, without a problem.

Do you think that this is a big problem or?

I don't know the ethanol availability in Serbia but in the USA, it is 85% ethanol with 15% gas at the pump. However in the real world it varies, probably all the way down to about 70% in some places. However the ECU isn't that sensitive to that much of a change (E93 to E85 to E70). As long as you have a flex fuel system you are fine.

The main reason its hard to find 100% pure ethanol is because of taxes on ethanol for human consumption verses industrial uses.

Industrial ethanol is poisoned or "denatured" so that it isn't fit to drink and thus is not subject to the same regulations.


re probably going to be just fine, depending on exactly what the remaining 4% of the ethanol is. As I mention in the course, 100% pure ethanol is used for mixing/making alcoholic beverages and hence is taxed quite heavily. There's no advantage for our use in spending the additional money for truly pure ethanol.

I think that only Andre Kaipyroami figured out what I asked :)

Let me clarify. Because there is no mixed ethanol BLEND in my country, I need to mix it myself.

I bought 100L of 96%vol (96% pure) Ethanol in bottles of 1L. It is little more expensive over 100RON pump gas.

Here is the bottle I have: http://cloud.mladjan.me/3B0o023I1P12/IMG_1406.JPG

There is a way to buy 99.7%vol ethanol, but price is 2x pump gas, which is really expensive to drive because car will spend more in volume :)

Im not 100% sure what remaining 4% are, but they are probably expensive to extract. This ethanol I bought is used as medical product, and I know that its tested by some racing drivers here. They tried multiple factories who make them, and had some white remaining with some of them inside the engine and injectors. Will test and see if k20 is still alive :D

I would bet the remaining 4% is some combination of water, methanol and/or acetone/MEK.

You shouldn't have an issue but I would be cautious if you are seeing sediments form on your injectors.

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