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Using methanol mixed with petrol?

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Hello i am working my way through this course and it is awesome. i am learning loads thank you.

It is really hard to get e85 here in the uk so i was thinking can you use methanol and mix this with petrol to the same effect as e85?

I can get methanol cheap here and could mix it my self. I dont want to run pure methanol as the injector size would be huge.

Thank you for any help.

I haven't personally used a mix of gasoline and methanol but it is possible. The issue is that methanol isn't detected by a flex fuel sensor so there's no easy way to accurately track the mixture. The other problem is that methanol is much more corrosive to the fuel system components than ethanol. Lastly as you've worked out, the stoichiometric AFR of methanol means you need much more fuel for a given power level compared to ethanol blends.