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First time poster, somewhat long reader, long time watcher.

I'm restoring and building a 1995 Honda prelude 2,2 vtec h2a. The WHP power goals is eventually to get me to around 400WHP as a daily driver. I am building the car slowly, I have fully gutted the interior and made it all nice with new carpet racing seats ect ect. I have my current mod list below however I'm not trying to just buy everything at once and toss it in "I could if I wanted to but that no fun". I'm looking for advice on the next parts I can buy. I'm learning through this academy on how to tune as its been a passion of mine for along time but have only done small things like Opensource tuning on my 2004 STI. The car handles decent now but compared to my 64 shelby and sti its a dog. Also this is my learning platform.

I'm trying to learn some tuning which I've done on occasion as a hobby. Ultimate goal is to have a turbo, but I would like to go with some injections ect and keep it N/A for a little while longer.

Current car work and diagnostics:

Compression on all the 4cyl = 240 -250

All new belts

Brake lines flushed/filled with motul

NGK Wires/Plugs


Few gasket leaking oil only under pressure will be replace when motor is redone.

Things I'd like to do now or soon but need your thoughts PLEASE add more ideas I can do sooner than later: (Size/Vendor/Suggestions please)

1. Injectors somewhat future proofish but driveable! Rather drive and be not 1mpg than an extra 30HP

2. Cams?

3. Skunk2 Inage manifold? Size?

4. Open to ideas?

Mod List:

AEM Series 2 EMS

AEM UEGO Wideband + Gauge

AEM CAI V2 Intake

Apexi WS2 Exuast

Test Pipe

Megan Racing 4-2-1 Header (ya I know its crap)

skunk2 vtec solenoid

(Non Engine)

Tein Street Basis CoilOvers

Stoptech Cross Drilled Rotors/Pads

Energy Bushings (Replaed All)

Brand new 4x 205/50Z R16 + light weight Rims

Planned Later future work would prefer to wait for now.



Sleeves for motor to hold turbo



I'm not familiar with that engine, but Hondas make a LOT of power on relatively stock parts.

I would suggest two, or three, ways of approaching the build.

1/ pick up a used long block and have it properly rebuilt with forged pistons and rods, you may not need sleeves for that power level - but any bets on how long before you want more...? Stock crankshaft should be fine, probably camshafts but you may need stronger springs, stock studs and head gasket, etc. Clutch would be a good upgrade and probably due, anyway. That way you can still use it as a driver and don't have to worry about part delays and availability and can do a straight swap over using the old NA ancilliaries, if required. You can then swap over to the turbo' when you have those parts ready.

2/ set it up for a lower pressure (for now) turbo' setup so you have a power boost before building the long block for the additional power/torque and associated loadings.

3/ leave it as such, doing the brakes/suspension while getting the parts to do the full turbo'swap of the properly prepared engine as one complete move.

Whatever you do, I would suggest thinking long term - if you're going to go forced induction, do you really want to fit upgrades designed for NA engines, which won't work well with the turbo'?

Ah, been doing some checking, depending on exactly which version you have, going option 1/ might allow you to chose the best base for building the blown engine - for example, you can select the block and crank that works best for you, if the version you have has a limitation, like sleeve material.

Thanks for the response!

One of the big things I started with was ensuring I started with a full suspension upgrade, from coilovers, to bushings, to breaks, to larger tires and lighter weight rims. I knew the stock stuff was beat and eventually these would all need to be replaced. Being that I love to actually drive, and drive hard this was a critical first step.

I've been told by a local shop my current block would work extremely well with just adding sleeves and a few other parts to get the WHP goals I have and not have to build a whole new block on the side "this being now one of my current goals." What I'm trying to figure out are things I can do pre-turbo that will increase power some but setup me up for the future of having a turbo setup. I think thinking if I can add a new fuel pump, injectors, and intake manifold these would be a good setup in my journey pre forced induction. Where I'm struggling is what size and kind of injectors and fuel pump. Will I be able to tune the car to run on these properly before going turbo? Are there down sides to go going this route? I'm learning how to tune so this would be a great opportunity to install and tune "at least I think?"