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1jzgte main bearing cap hp limit

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Hi Andre, I know you mentioned in one of your webinar that the 2jz main bearing caps should be replaced with billet caps after 1000hp . What is your take on the 1jz in terms of the limit before bearing cap fails?. I currently have an altezza with 1jzgte. Made 662hp on pump gas 95 octane. I would like to tune on q16 and take the boost up. But want to stay within my safe limits.

Current build is bc 272 cams with springs and retainers, cp coated pistons, tomei rods, clevite bearings, Arp main studs and Arp ca625 head studs. Garrett gtw3884 ball bearing and aem v2

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I haven't had much to do with the 1JZ but my understanding is that the engine block architecture is quite similar to the 2JZ so I would expect you may run into similar problems at a similar power level.

Ok thanks for your input. My current aim is 900hp at the wheels. So I guess I should be ok.