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Idk if i am posting on the right forum, i need some help locating aftermarket pistons and rods for a toyota 1kd ftv engine. Customer came to me wanting 500hp. I would also opt for either the motec of hks fcon d management plug and play. Any help wud be appreciated for these parts.

It's often not that easy unfortunately to find aftermarket pistons for a diesel engine unless you're dealing with the big 3 (Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax). Also the design of a diesel piston is quite unique compared to a gasoline engine meaning it's not as simple as getting the likes of JE to make you a piston. Most diesel pistons even in the aftermarket are either cast so that they can still incorporate the steel insert for the top ring (can't easily do this with a forging), or steel if you're getting serious.

From what I know of the 1KD market, people are still retaining the stock Toyota piston but having the bowls machined to remove the undercut as this is the failure point. There are 3-4 generations of 1KD piston though and you want the latest as the earlier ones are prone to cracking, even in a stock engine.