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2JZ-GTE BC 272 Stage 3 Valve Lash

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New BC 272 Stage 3’s on 2JZ-GTE Non-VVTI Head and machine shop setup shimless buckets for 0.0007 on both intake and exhaust. BC Cam Card calls out Intake 0.0008 and Exhaust 0.0010 cold…am I in trouble?



Akron, OH

Hi Rich set the inlet to 0.008 to 0.010 and the exhaust to 0.010 to 0.012 thousand of an inch, this will be perfect

any tighter and it will be hard to start cold and any more and it will be noisy

Regards Ross

Thanks Ross, now to call the machine shop that did the work and inform them they screwed up and that I need them to provide me with $672 of new shimless buckets. This should go well….

Thanks again!


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