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2JZ GTE Sequential System (TURBO control)

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Hi guys. I got a 2JZ GTE ENGINE, Now I am learning the original sequential turbo control system. I found the wastegate actuator open at about 17.4 PSI, in fact, the OEM boost about 8.8~10.8 PSI, that mean , the wastegate will not work all time ? if I use a LINK ecu to control the stock Sequential System to get a 14PSI boost. I can switch on the VSV for IACV and EGCV at a special engine rpm. for the wastegate . I have no ideal.

the EBV actuator open about 100kpa(14.2PSI) boost. the EBV = Wastegate on this engine ?

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There are several Supra forums where someone may know the answer off the top of their head.

This is one:

Read my article on rx7 and supra sequential turbos

Thanks, that was another thread


I'm about to post one or more threads with questions on piston rings, their installation, and then some on piston features. Recently posted one on coatings. I'd be happy to see your comments.