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2JZ stock oil pump

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Hi folks

I'm about to set the bearing clearances on the 2JZ motor. I’m leaning towards .0025 mains and .002 rods but my question is can the stock Toyota oil pump support those clearances adequately and what sort of oil pressure is expected with the oil squirters retained? Is it necessary to shim the oil pump for a better top end oil pressure?

Thanks for the input and advice guys!

Hello what is the engine being used for is the key to this question, the stock pump is a great pump i wouldn't be running the clearances this large for applications, for drifting, street, and drag racing under 1200 whp i run .0015 on the big ends and 0.002 on the mains with 0.006 on the thrust, running a standard oil pump with a 6mm drilled oil return hole from the front seal this is an easy modification to make i think the factory hole is 4mm ( the reason for this is to get the il away from the front crank seal as best you can to stop it pressuring the seal forward when the oil is cold and thick, the factory pump does not need shimming in any way, it has high volume and pressure standard with oil squirters retained to will still run close to 100 psi at 8000 rpm which is almost on the high side when hot but the 2jz seems to love it. the cold oil pressure will be approx 120 psi

Thanks much Ross great info...... I’m planning to be just under 1000 WHP for mainly drag racing with the occasional daily drive. I’ll be running Manley I beam rods they recommend min .002” on the big end (for what it’s worth) and in addition to that the crank has a runout of .0015” which equates to approx .0008” bend.....so just wanted to be within a safe margin...... thoughts?

sorry for the late reply that is a bit of a bend wherein the crank is it, if it is in the middle your intended clearances will work with your crank but if it is near the rear I would grind it out or grab another crank, keep in mind rpm may want to be limited to around the 8500 rpm if you do run it, the reason for this is I believe the whip in the crank at higher rpm may cause it to break

it is all guessing as to what effect it will really have but this is my opinion from building 2jzs for many years

No probs Ross I do understand how it can be at times and thanks again for your guidance. The bend is at the center of the crank and the motor is not gonna be seeing anything over 8000 RPM. So from your experience do you think the oil pressure is going to be still sufficient at my proposed clearances?(even at .002 clearance with the .0008 bend it may still be safe or do you think is too risky ?) Another question is there any significant distortion in the main bores if you swapped out the stock bolts for ARP 2000 main studs? Many thanks!

i have changed out many many bolts for studs with no issues on these engines but I have always made a point of checking it also just in case and at only 8000 rpm you will be fine with those clearances

Great.. thanks Ross

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