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4G63 Aluminium oversize water pump pulley

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Hi from France,

I'm building a high spec street/rally car Mitsubishi lancer Evo 8 and I'm hesitating to fit an aluminium oversize water pump pulley from Monster sport

Engine is fully build and balanced and I use a Fluidampr crank pulley. Max Rpm of the engine is 8500Rpm, it has a PWR oversize radiator, power steering and Air conditioning compressor.

Do you think it's good idea to increase water pump rotation ? The car is not a full race car, it's drive on mountain pass and run in traffic usually, and can be stuck in traffic jam at idle at 40°C exterior temp at summer.

What about the wear with aluminium compare to OEM ? (Monster sport product are top quality materials, not crap Ebay pulley...)

What about the balancing of the water pump unit compare to OEM ?

Thanks for your feedbacks ;-)