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4g63 Hks head gasket O rings location

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Hello, everyone. I am building evo 8 4g63 engine. I would like to use hks stopper style head gasket. Machine shop did block o rings with protrusion around .004 inch. My main question is: Where the oring should be located? Look like mine is at around that grove that hks gasket got, maybe slightly before the grove. Please look at the picture. I can still use oem head gasket because oring were installed for oem gasket but I decided to go with hks and I am not sure if orings are in correct place. Thank you!

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We used stainless o-rings with the HKS stopper gasket in our drag engines, however the o-ring was slightly more towards the actual fire ring of the gasket. I suspect what you've got will work but is possibly not ideal. We also ran 0.006" protrusion with our o-rings however it's likely everyone has a slightly different approach to this.

Thank you Andre for reply I really appreciate that. Sorry for stupid question but where exactly is fire ring in this gasket? Is this that end of the gasket by combustion chamber side or is this that grove that this gasket has? That's my first time installing hks gasket. I always worked with oem mls gasket but I lifted the head at around 42psi boost with mls oem gasket and stainless o- rings with protrusion around 0.004, that's why I would like to use hks gasket on another engine. I think protrusion of 0.006 would work better but I was worried about coolant/oil sealing and I decided to go 0.004 Thanks!

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