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4g64 block with 4g63 head

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Good day gents

Im playing around with the idea of droping a 4g63 head onto a 4g64 block with 4g63 crank. 4g64 pistons and custom length rods.

However i do see that the 4g63 head has at least 2 variants. I assume that is the Turbo and non turbo head.

Is there a substantial diffrence between the turbo and nom turbo head? I would think there is but the evo head costs more than what i paid for the car and also no one has stock. So im considering just getting normal old 4g63 head. Then later sowping over.

If anyone has info i would be greatly thankful.

I understand the difference is in variable valve timing - however, there are some learned people with experience of the different 63 and 64 combinations, if you have a quick search they should come up.

I have never seen NA head that would be the same as turbo head.

You can try 4g63 turbo head from Mitsubishi Airtrek - they are cheaper than Evo. Of course the camshafts will have to be changed for much longer duration for 2.1L destroker.