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Airtrek 4G63 build

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Good day,

I'm in the process of building an engine for my Evo 5 using an Airtrek 4G63 block, Mahle Performance 4032 pistons and Nitto H beam conrods.

This block does not have oil squirters from factory, they do have a squirter in the conrod.

I've researched the oil squirters topic extensively and general consensus is to keep them if you have them, however I don't have them so my question is whether or not to go through the process of installing them?

Options for installing them would be to drill and tap the block to use Evo squirters, or to drill the main journals to fit a "bulkhead" style squirter which wouldn't have a check valve so they will be open all the time.

This car will be a weekend warrior with maybe one or two track days a year. Aiming for 250-280kw at the wheels short term using Evo 9 turbo and various supporting mods and possibly 350kw max later with stock frame turbo upgrade.

Installing oil squirters is definitely possible, but it would come with its own set of risks and costs.

Appreciate any thoughts/advice/recommendations.


I don't think it's worth adding them for the power level and use you have described, but others may feel differently.

Shota may be best to comment on this, as he's done a lot with that variant, but I doubt you'll need it with sensible tuning.

Hi. Airtrek 4g63 block has inbuilt oil squirters but they are different to Evo ones yet they are perfectly fine for your goals. However what I would strongly recommend of doing is getting large engine oil cooler installed and thick aluminium radiator.

BTW I tried these Mahle pistons too- they are just fine for you planned level of power but require very good quality engine oil.

These are the squirters from Airtrek block.

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Awesome thanks everyone for the feedback.

I didn't see those jets that you mentioned Shota while disassembling but also didn't specifically look for them. Block is with engineers now and I have asked him to check.

It may be that I have a non-turbo block which appears to not have those jets. If this is the case, I wouldn't have any sort of squirters. Would this still be fine for my application of should I be looking at installing squirters?



Well, if there no oil jets at all that's the indication of NA block indeed. Whether you need to install them or not depends on application that you are going to be using your car in. You said it's gonna be a couple of track days only. If that's a drag racing events then you can get away without them providing you have big engine oil cooler installed as I said before. If it's time attack or any other sort of race where high engine load is applied for substantial amout of time you better off to get them installed from engine reliability point of view.

I'd prefer peace of mind over having to nurture an engine.

Would you recommend drilling and using Evo oil squirters or drilling the main journals and using Airtrek "jets"?

To me if you are going to spend money and time anyway you need to do it properly. Evo squirters all the way as they are more efficient (they spray oil at piston bottom all the time whilst Artrek oil jets do it only when piston is at BDC). That's what I always do)) But the tricky part is that you have only one shot and if anything goes wrong you are probably going to end up with scrapped block...

Here is a tip from my blog on how I did it first time on 4g64 block long time ago.


Thanks for the info.

I'm quite confident doing this job myself, I think the challenge would be making a drill jig to get the location spot on as you have mentioned.

Just to ensure you didn't miss this picture (since you are going to do it yourself)

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Does anybody know if the CU2W Airtrek 4G63 blocks thrust bearing arrangement come the same as the IV or V - IX?

You will need to confirm this, but the info' I was able to find suggests it is basically a detuned evo 7 engine.

IIRC, the earlier engines and the later engines had different orientations, changing from east-west to west-east, or vice versa.

Thrust bearings from turbo Airtrek are the same from Evo 7-9.

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